Robert Martin

Owner, Public Pros (colleague)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Marie since last year. So far her creative writing, eloquent styling, client-first approach and total professionalism has had a noticeable and positive impact on the businesses she represents.” January 16, 2013

Cindy Marlowe

Cindy hired you as a Writer/Editor

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Marie is a most brilliant writer, extremely creative, and in touch with our audience. Each week I know I’ll be able to find something to change, or improve on, and each week, she proves me wrong! Absolutely incredible person to work with!” June 25, 2012

Steve Stretz

 Top qualities:Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

“I have found Marie to have an excellent grasp of what works to make any subject readable and personable which translates into blogs that get read and remarked on by others! Her creative writing brings attention to my business and I appreciate her work. I highly recommend her services to others.” May 21, 2012

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