Why GhostbloggerMarie?


A former Realtor with 16 years experience Buying, Selling and Renting Real Estate, Marie writes from the Realtor view-point in a personal chatty style that makes a reader feel at ease.  They’re learning, but they’re being conversed with rather than “talked to” so they’re far more likely to engage and interact with you.

Blogging is a great platform for all your social media and the blog post is the quickest method of continually offering  the FRESH material search engines seek, so it’s a boon to your SEO at the same time.  And GhostbloggerMarie is reasonably priced, too!

To get a better idea of my style  BROWSE  THE  BLOGS.

Creative, personal, easy to read, fact checked, current and sometimes even trendy.

Give it a try – there are no contracts, no long-term commitments and you always approve your blog before it is posted.






Subscribe to this blog to receive interesting, informative and even inspirational articles directly to your email inbox about once a week.  You are welcome to send a LinkedIn invite to GhostbloggerMarie if you would like to connect to network.  Use my email smmsceo@gmail.com  Invitations for connections are always welcome.

Don’t forget to leave your opinion, comment, suggestion or encouragement right here!


One thought on “Why GhostbloggerMarie?

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