Inbound vs Outbound

Paying for advertising space in magazines, newspapers, on grocery carts and all the other avenues of traditional advertising is known as Outbound Marketing as it is all about putting your name or product “out there” in the hope that the advertisement may entice someone enough to want to do business with you.  When you are already a well-known brand that style of advertising can work extremely well in that it simply reminds people you are available to them and that they already like you and want to do business with you.

What do you do when you aren’t already well-known?  When you want to increase your exposure without spending thousands on full-page ads or cable commercials?  You call on the big guns for the small business – INBOUND MARKETING.  Developed to work in conjunction with existing Social Media, INBOUND MARKETING allows you to market via specific significant content in the virtual marketplace, utilizing engagement that piques the interest of your potential clients, drawing them to your website and advertising media by sparking their imaginations and influencing their attention on what you have to offer as it pertains to benefiting  them.

There are many ways to engage your potential audience once you’ve captured their attention using all the forms of CONTENT MARKETING that don’t just tell WHO YOU ARE or WHAT YOUR PRODUCT IS, but by expanding on WHAT PROBLEMS YOU SOLVE FOR OTHERS and WHY THEY BENEFIT FROM DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU.  Instead of constantly bombarding the marketplace with BUY NOW, BUY HERE, HIRE ME style sales tactics or the ever popular cold calling method of trolling for dollars, lead your potential clients to interact with you on their terms, through blogs, personalized video and podcasts, free downloadable eBooks and more, making it easy and enjoyable for consumers to consider what you have, how it helps them and solves their issues and why you are their best choice.

Thinking of blogging but not sure where to start?  GhostbloggerMarie provides blog content that is fresh and relevant to your marketplace and the niche you are trying to reach.   Blogs are original material and reasonably priced.  Visit the Resource Page for other support services to the Real Estate professional.  SUBSCRIBE to GhostbloggerMarie’s BLOG for inspiring articles and interesting trends in the Real Estate field.


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