Blink! All changed!

Reprinted from a post originally written by GhostbloggerMarie for a client in March 2012.  Reprinted for your enjoyment, as a sample of what great blog content looks like.

 It moves that quickly and often times it changes that drastically!  That is exactly why so many of us find it so exciting, fascinating and FUN to be involved in REAL ESTATE!
One day all the headlines are screaming at us about foreclosures and short sales and doom and gloom at every corner!  Next day, we quietly continue to sell houses to wonderfully “average” people that turn those plain houses into wonderful homes that they enjoy taking care of, sprucing up and participating in their neighborhood block parties from.

Denver is enjoying a bustling summer “season” of sales.  Houses are flying off the shelves, even at prices above the asking price!  I’ve been involved in a couple of auction like “bidding wars”!  I have to admit, it makes this industry a fun one to be active in.  Just when everyone thinks we’re down down down as low as we can go and no hope – we start to soar.  Just like that, in the blink of an eye, everything changes and off we go!

Two reasons for this phenomenon.  One – The “spirit” of the people we serve.  Its been called all sorts of things, but it comes down to this common denominator:  the will to occupy and enhance ‘our own space’.  There just isn’t anything like homeownership.  We start to do things we never saw ourselves doing before.  Building decks, planting shrubs and trees and flowers, cheerily waving at our neighbors who are all doing the same thing.

And two- the “spirit” of Real Estate Brokers.  There is something in us that really wants to see others get busy at number one above.  We believe in it.  We’ve built our lives around “making it happen”.  Yea, I know, there are a few “shysters” in the bucket, there always are in every industry.  But for the most part, a Real Estate Broker honestly wants to see houses filled with people turned into homes.  Dry grass watered, loved and pampered and turned into a lawn.

That’s part of the reason why the “market” has always adjusted in the past and will continue to adjust in spite of all the economic woes nipping at it.  Real Estate is one of those industries that is driven by real people, not commodities and imaginary paper worth whatever someone else says its worth.

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