Ego Balance

ego balanceEGO:  the very thing you absolutely NEED in order to drive you to success and the very thing that will trip you up and cause you to FAIL.  Balance makes the difference.  A balanced ego makes a WINNER.

I certainly don’t always get this right, but once in a while I manage to turn a weakness into a strength, balancing my ego rather than letting it defeat me.  Let me show you what I mean.

When I first began selling Real Estate in 1991 out in Marysville, Washington I found the design of the streets of extreme concern.  I have a natural lack concerning sense of direction, and whoever designed the streets had a lack of continuity problem (apparent to me anyway!).  A street would start in one area then stop with no rhyme or reason that I could fathom and begin again several blocks away and not necessarily in a straight line.  One section here, another section starting again two or three streets over with no way to get straight through.  Needless to say, and in spite of a very good Thomas Map system, I often found myself wandering in search of whatever home for sale I was attempting to show my client.  (This all took place as I said in 1991 – no GPS was readily available and we didn’t even have the MLS system online at this time.  We looked addresses up in books and called to see if it were still for sale.)

I could have insisted on “being in charge”  which would have ended disastrously thereby allowing ego to  trip me up and bring failure.  Instead in this instance, my ego was in balance and I was able to turn this weakness to strength by PUTTING CLIENTS IN CHARGE OF NAVIGATING to the homes we were viewing.  This not only covered my inability in the area of directional functioning, but drew clients into the process, empowering them and ultimately earning me a good reputation as an Agent people wanted to refer others to.

A strong sense of self, a strong desire for success; ego drives these motivations.  A strong ego draws others to you at first, but left unchecked, it can also cause you to drive right over others, wounding them and leaving them anxious to get away from you.

Now, I am no psychiatrist but just a humble people observer.  In my observations I’ve managed to get my ego out of the way just often enough to learn one or two things about people.  One of the things I’ve learned is that we all need helpful little reminders along the way in the path of life.  What observations have you made about ego that have helped or enhanced your business experiences?  Comment and share those below so we can all get our egos a bit more balanced.

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