*@#^% & other words…

bleep Cussing, curse words, swear words – things like f**k, s**t, G**D**n and so on, you all know just what I’m talking about.  Are they appropriate in the workplace?  Are they appropriate for business use?  In my opinion words of that nature used routinely by someone simply make that person sound illiterate, uneducated and low class.  I still find it shocking to hear and lately read words of that ilk spewed out as commonly throughout a conversation, discussion, discourse or BLOG and especially in the context of a business discussion as words such as THE, OF, AND, FOR.

Some may think I’m prudish, others may think it’s some weird “religious” stand.  It isn’t.  It is simple courtesy, a showing of decency and respect.  These kinds of words carry a certain veneer to them.  A trashy, contemptible sort of veneer in my opinion.  I find it downright rude and embarrassing both to me and the person speaking (or writing as the case may be)  in that manner particularly in a business setting.

Do I sound too much like Paula Prim of the Etiquette Society?  Am I the only one who finds it offensive to be addressed by such gutter, trashy street style lingo in a business arena?  And for some reason, it all sounds so much WORSE when coming from the mouth or keyboard of a female.  What ever happened to being a LADY?more bleep

These kinds of words don’t make anyone tough or one of the guys, or hip or trendy, not in my opinion.  They only make you uncouth.  Undesirable.  Dagnabbit carries as much weight when said forcefully yet somehow manages not to make any ears burn or stomachs churn.

I’ve been in love with words since I was a very young girl.  I talked extremely early and according to my family I haven’t shut up since.  I read the dictionary FOR FUN as a preteen.  Words impact.  Words inspire.  Words lift up and words cast down.  Words change people.  Words wound people.  Words heal people. WORDS are a powerful force and for that reason should not be treated lightly and most certainly should not be picked out of the gutter and brought into our lives if we can help it.  An occasional “slip of the tongue” besets us all at one time or another (Ghostblogger has been guilty of “potty mouth”) but I firmly believe and am happy to share my opinion with all:



Just sayin”

As always, you are welcome to share your opinion by commenting below.  You are welcome to share this blog by clicking on the appropriate buttons.  You are welcome to disagree with GhostbloggerMarie, but I will delete any expletives that I deem disrespectful.  Happy Monday all.  



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