My Grandma Day Off

If there is one unbridled joy to working for oneself – it must be giving oneself a complete DAY OFF anytime you want!  Today I have given myself a full and complete day off to do absolutely nothing except  BE  GRANDMA !   ( I scheduled this post to publish in advance)

For one full day I’ve put everything else aside to just spend the day with my grandsons, enjoying the sight, sounds and smell of them.  Whatever your bliss is, if you are a small business owner, I highly recommend taking one day, once in a while, okay, in a GREAT while if you don’t want the business to slide totally downhill, and just capture your bliss.

It will clear your head and heart, renew and refresh your spirit and make your work all the more enjoyable.  I promise!

Happy Friday and have a nice week-end from GhostbloggerMarie!

Grandma & boys playing Star WarsMY BLISS:  GRANDSONS GRAYSON AND NOAH


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