Wending my way through Windows 8

Even with all the talk of Windows 8 being so difficult I wasn’t concerned. After all, I had a perfectly wonderful laptop that came stuffed to the gills with software, a fabulous 17.3 inch screen, plenty of bells and whistles and was just barely 4 years old, so I had nothing to be worried about, right?  WRONG!  Who could have foreseen my darling husband deciding to store his guitar in the cupboard over the couch where I’d been working? Or it slipping out of his hands just as he lifted that heavy case above my open laptop sitting innocently on those cushions?
It put up a good fight, I’ll give it that. The screen blinked a few times before the picture went squewershed and a sound kind of like kineftdmgh came forth from it. A trip to every computer store in town soon revealed that the cost to repair outweighed the cost to replace. And then the fun really started.

*ALL  OF  THE  NEW  LAPTOPS  ARE  WINDOWS  8 (unless you buy a Mac, but I can’t afford that until a lot more of you HIRE ME to write blogs for you!)

Now I must ask the all important question:

There is a good reason many of the advance reviews have been less than glowing.  It’s more than just trying to get used to a new look.  This baby is a whole different Starship to navigate!  On a PC, those icons are a little harder to work with than the touch tablets, trust me when I tell you this.  The slightest wind, just breathing too close to them and they swoosh to a place far far away in windows land and you may never see them again.  There is no “back” button, no “undo” button, and there are no real directions to follow, either!windows 8

I will admit this much and no more.  In the first day of trying to work with it, it brought me to tears.  Twice.  And I like change, I like trying new things and I  LOVE challenges!  This was beyond a challenge – this was all out war!  My husband kept offering to take it back to the store and pay whatever it cost to repair my poor guitar abused laptop.  How sweet of him, but all that did was make me even more determined not to be beaten but to triumph over this.

Fellow new computer purchasers, TAKE  HEART!

I persevered for three full days, and now I can honestly say I am finding an appreciation for this new operating system.  The keyboard is still a bit too responsive, but I’ve discovered the escape button brings me right back.  In fact though, I do hope Microsoft makes some user friendly changes I can download.  Like eliminating the extra steps it now takes to accomplish what were quick and simple tasks in the 7 incantation.  And for goodness sake Microsoft, would it really hurt you to give us access to all our windows without our having to search for them?

Windows 8 – not easy to use, but easy to conquer if you’re determined!


One thought on “Wending my way through Windows 8

  1. Update: After MUCH trial and far too much error, I gave up on Windows 8. After I had written the original blog and was still experiencing HOPE, all hope was dashed when the brand new computer CRASHED. The Geek Squad informed me the computer wasn’t able to handle the Windows 8 operating system. We tried another computer. 8 days later it too, sadly crashed. These were NEW computers, not used! After the third try and an entirely different brand, which also FROZE up I threw my hands in the air, took my old computer to the experts, paid to have it repaired and am happily running Windows 7 once more. Sorry, Microsoft. Bottom line, Windows 8 has too many glitches, issues and problems.

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