Pitch to engage or strike out!

engagedSocial Media interaction with an engaged audience often leads to business opportunities we might otherwise have missed.  For this reason an awful lot of professionals turn every tweet, update, blog or comment into a sales pitch. Is that working out well for them? No more than the pushy sales person tactics of old ever did. Most people really only want to know “what’s in it for ME?” A business and sales professional who started selling at the age of 6 years young and still going strong now that I’m called Grandma, I suggest sticking with the basic premise in the art of salesmanship.


 Engage in educating and even entertaining potential clients to the benefits of your product, your service, your business. Tell them what you do in a manner that tells them how it helps THEM. Human nature remains the same – just the method of engaging is different! You don’t think entertaining them can work? Take a look at this post. The Gecko educates and entertains without offending. One may not be a Geico customer now, but when the need arises, guess what NAME is stuck in their head?

Whether it’s a smart phone, a brilliant PC, Tablet or a super intelligent something else – people are still people! If you capture their interest or entertain them in some manner they will give you their attention. And if it’s interesting or entertaining enough, they will tell others about it!  Whether hitting a share button, tweeting, liking or even actually talking to others, they will pass on information that tickles them in some way.

If you offer a product or service worth consideration, then they will consider it. You have to find the way to be “personal” in this technologically impersonal atmosphere. You might even want to consider letting the consumer be the content or advertisement through short video interviews or comments. Allow their choices to rule your campaign and see where it takes your brand. (Perhaps with a few cautionary controls in place, of course!)

Nowadays, they don’t slam the door in your face, but it’s the same effect when they “delete” your information or email or text message or…..

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