I write about blogging…. A LOT.

It could be because I am a blogger or simply that I love to write.  I’ve been journaling on a daily basis since I was 6 years old (I kid you not!) and writing stories, poems, plays and even ad copy for products that haven’t hired me just to challenge myself.

Enough about me, let’s jump right in:

3 IMPORTANT reasons every Real Estate Professional should be blogging.

  1. The blog is a valuable business tool
  2. The Blog is the best platform for internet interaction on a grand scale across the Social Media landscape
  3. A Blog allows you to disseminate information about you and your business far more completely than a 140 character tweet or Facebook status post

In fact, the Blog shouldn’t be about YOU at all.  It should be about your customer, their need and how your business meets that need and offers them the greatest benefits when they do business with you.  I’ve said it before but here I go again.  Blogs are internet #INFOMERCIALS and you are the “celebrity” plugging your wares in the marketplace.

And now, the sad news. 😦   A poorly written, poorly executed blog can easily have the opposite effect.  It can turn customers AWAY and cause them NOT to do business with you.  Think about this a moment.  WHO wants to do business with someone who treats their advertising and marketing in a sloppy manner?  NO ONE, that’s who!  

So here are 4 ways you can succeed with your important Blogging Adventure:

  1. PROOF READ and then have someone else proof read, and then proof read again.  Spelling and grammar errors are the number one reason people dismiss a blog post.
  2. Make sure there’s a natural ebb and flow.  Write as if you are talking to a real person.  You don’t senselessly add words to a conversation just to reach some pre-determined word number goal.  You speak what’s in you’re heart and it flows naturally.  Write that way in your blog posts unless you’re sharing very technical information.
  3. If you are presenting opinion, be sure you state that it’s opinion.  If you represent that you’re sharing facts, do the research necessary to be certain of those facts.  Site the outside source of any facts you use in your blog.  Consumers can tell the difference between truth and fiction.
  4. Invite comments from your readers.  Make it easy for them to comment, then let those comments guide you in future blog content.  Change course if necessary to provide content readers will want to keep coming back to read.

Jsleeping at computerust for reading to the end, here’s a freebie:

TRY NOT TO BORE ANYONE TO TEARS; keep blog posts succinct and relevant.  Most people won’t sit still for a novella length blog.  Three     to four paragraphs, two to three sentences each at most.

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Leave your opinion in the comment section, I really want to know your thoughts, too.

If you are convinced that blogging is an excellent business tool and you want it in your arsenal, but you just don’t have time to write blogs regularly, GhostbloggerMarie offers CONTENT services that just may meet that need and benefit you in the Social Media domination you seek in your geographical business area.  smmsceo@gmail.com  to get started RIGHT NOW!


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