Whatever the incantation, however formulated in every language including the silent ones, words deeply affect every human heart and especially those who try so hard to pretend that they don’t! I am just guessing here, but I sincerely believe that it was a well-meaning but hurting heart that began the little children’s rhyme we each had repeated to us at some point in our childhood when someone spoke harshly to us or made terrible fun of us:

cartoon sticks and stones

Were there ever more false words spoken! Even as we repeated that little falsehood to ourselves when the neighborhood tough guy threatened and taunted, in our heart of hearts we knew they were wrong then, and we know they are wrong now. Words work! (Try it with this accent – woids woik, it’s really a lot of fun that way!)

Words can work for us – encouraging, building up, inspiring, motivating and causing us to feel better about ourselves and everything around us. And words can work against us – tearing us down, discouraging, disheartening, destroying us in ways we can’t even explain. A kind word can change a life! A harsh word can also change a life.

Remember the BeeGee’s? (Okay, I’m dating myself here, but surely some of you have been around since the late 70’s and early 80’s? For you youngin’s, consider this a history lesson) They wrote a great song with the title WORDS.

“It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away.”

A baby speaks for the first time, “mama” and a heart is melted in a way nothing else could ever do! A young lady gives her heart away then holds her breath until the only thing that will make her breathe again; three little words from him.


With nothing but those three little words, men have risen to great heights and done extraordinary things in order to be worthy of hearing those words from her lips again and again.

Every one of us has stories of the words in our lives that have brought us to our highest mountain tops or laid us flat in the lowest of valleys.  In my life, words my great-grandmother Florence Proctor spoke to me greatly affected my life.  My most memorable was the day she emptied her china closet and began giving me expensive, beautiful things she’d collected since the day she began filling her Hope Chest.   “Marie,” she told me,” I want you to promise to use every one of these things until they are all used up.  In 95 years I’ve learned this:  Things are to be used and people are to be loved.  Don’t get that backwards and you’ll do alright in life!”

Have you ever wondered why advertising is so powerful?  WORDS! They influence us in our thoughts, our feelings and our decisions daily!  Commercials may be annoying but they are also effective, so they will never go away!  Words across the side of the bus we’re passing, words on our license plates making a statement about us, words texted, tweeted, written, spoken, signed, pantomimed, drawn and uttered for all the world to hear!

So speak, articulate, pontificate, orate, communicate, indicate, address, affirm, inform, remark, reply, represent, talk and SHOUT.


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