Engaged vs Like – only one is a winner!

Is it Politically Correct to be on a PC these days or has everything gone mobile app?cellphone Just how smart are our smart phones? Does anyone fax anymore? How can we possibly keep up with all the newest and latest and greatest gadgets and sites and social platforms designed to meet our every need to share and tweet and pin and scoop and press and communicate everything to everyone including people we’ve never met in places we’ve never even heard of?

Slow down, breathe deeply and don’t let it all get to you. Sure, just when you’ve finally figured out how to successfully send a tweet out with all the right hashtags (number symbol #) and designed a FB page that you can manage and stay current with-someone mentions something new and exciting and you’ve just GOT to be part of it if you want your business to grow and be seen!

If you tried to do even a little bit of everything that’s out there you’d cramp your fingers typing and permanently cross your eyes squinting and there would STILL be something “new and improved” and the NEXT BEST THING. You’d never have time to look at anything except a screen of some sort if you try to do it ALL. So don’t. Don’t worry about #nimble and #code canyon and #slideshare and #commun.it and #gaggleAMP and #Quozio and #Socialoomph and #hootsuite and #frogpond and everything else .

PICK ONE or TWO PLATFORMS that are working for you and take the time to learn them well enough to make an impact on your desired audience about your desired focus. It just isn’t possible to be everything to everyone. Get really good at one or two things. Then explore some other platforms and if viable to promote your interests -step in and get your feet wet.

Focus on engaged Social interactions rather than a large number of likes, fans or followers. You’ll discover sweet freedom and increased business as a result.



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