To Blog or not to Blog?

The quick answer is – TO BLOG!
The long answer is a bit more complicated.  Yes, Social Media is here to stay!  Sure, not EVERYONE is actively involved – but a great majority most certainly are and to be on the forward edge of “reaching your audience” you simply must post information in some manner on the internet.  Not to blog in our current business environment is equivalent to NOT advertising on television in years passed.
However – many miss the very obvious clue about posting information on Social Media.  Its “social”.  There are business sites and their best usage is for business networking.  They are not the place to advertise product, but to network with other businesses in order to increase your visibility as well as give and get referrals. The precursor to these sites were “leads groups” made up of different businesses.   I founded one such group in Denver back in 2006.  The BORG-Business Owners Resource Group.  I remember distinctly the luncheon when we had a “Twitter” user as our special guest speaker, and I pooh-poohed the idea, thinking how could such impersonal interaction replace one on one face to face?  Look where I am now!  Johnny come lately, but still, I’m here!
Social sites are crammed full of people and because of that many view  them as the place to advertise their products and business offerings.  Recent polls show this is very far from the truth!  A poll of Facebook users was taken, and the greatest majority admitted they paid NO ATTENTION to the many ads on that social site.  A large national company (GM) pulled all of its advertising from the site for that very reason – NO ONE WAS PAYING ATTENTION!
Why?  The answer is quite simple – these sites are about social interaction, not sales.  Think about this for a moment in the context of television commercials.  I always viewed the commercials as time for a break of some sort, and I returned to viewing when the program I wanted to watch returned.  I turned on the television FOR THE PROGRAMS! (Now, the remote allows us to skip those commercials completely for a price, and many are willing to pay it!) People interact on the internet FOR THE SOCIAL IMPACT.
So whats a business to do?  Ignore the vast social landscape?  Bombard it with advertising?  Scream louder and longer than the competition?  Or enter the social landscape as “one of them”.  Socialize with your audience.  Socially interact.  Write blog content that is interesting to the general public.   In short – BE THE PROGRAM.
In the immortal words of Captain Jon Luc Picard aboard the Starship Enterprise – “ENGAGE”.


One thought on “To Blog or not to Blog?

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