Real Estate RUINED by internet?

I read the most disturbing news the other day.  It declared that the internet was RUINING REAL ESTATE!

We hear over and over how the internet connects us and expands our reach and makes it easier to do business – so how come this idea that the internet is ruining the Real Estate industry in particular?

One of the points made in the article is precisely why I started the Ghostblogger business.  It also reiterates and agrees with a comment I made on LinkedIn recently.  Just how indicative of actual “business value” is a Facebook “Like”?  Does hundreds or even thousands of Twitter followers really mean something significant?  Do LinkedIn connections translate into actual business referrals?

Although there are many who can and will point to Social Media connections that HAVE led directly to actual business, just how prevalent is it, really?  2000 “Likes” does NOT mean you now have 2000 actual customers!  Hitting that “Like” button is not a committment of any kind!  It’s just a nice social gesture in most cases.

Too many professionals are spending far too much time socializing on Social Media, and putting far too much emphasis on “likes” and “fans” that bring them NO PRODUCTIVE BUSINESS RETURN WHATSOEVER.

Social Media is here to stay, and business practitioners absolutely MUST discover how BEST to utilize this medium for the GROWTH of their business!  And yet, you also need to be certain you are not wasting time on activity that isn’t going to help you reach your business goals.

Being a presence is a necessity.  The internet and Social Media are here to stay.  And if you want your business to be a presence that will be here to stay you really do need to utilize EVERY AVENUE available, which definitely includes Social Media platforms.  It isn’t a question of IF you should be on Social Media, it’s more a question of HOW to utilize and how much of YOUR TIME you should be investing in it overall.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the rest are all good avenues to get and keep your name and face out there in the community.  However, spending too much of your valuable time in those mediums may not be the best use of your business day!


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